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Fast Break 2×1+1 [ENG + PL]

Today I would like to share a simply drill which we use to develop fast break.

Description: X1 passes a basketball to O1, and O1 dribbles towards a basket. O1 and O2 play together on offense and X1 and X2 play on defense. X2 stays on disadvantage possi...

[ENG + PL] Simply fun!

Sometimes we start our practice very simple fun. It happens when we are a few days after a break or when we played very tough game. Above you can watch a short part of our practice when my player...

Defense drill

Today I put the video “Defense Drill” where you can see very simply drill. We can teach a lot of aspects of defense fundamental. A defender starts under the basket stepping. Then a coach schouts “shot!” and a offensive player… Continue Reading →

Lay – up Drills

As you know we use smaller rims in order to increase efficiency of shooting! I show very simply drills which we use while warming up. Standard lay-up with contact. A player with a basketball make...

Warming – up

I would like to share warming - up drills with you which we have been using during our practices. First of all, I have to brief you that we use smaller rims. The smaller rims boost a concentratio...

As coaches, we draw a lot of basketball court diagrams! Sometimes our ‘diagrams’ aren’t ideal. We have forgotten to draw 3 points line or our ‘paint’ isn’t a rectangle or we don’t draw sidelines… I have to admit you that I have… Continue Reading →

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