I would like to share warming – up drills with you which we have been using during our practices. First of all, I have to brief you that we use smaller rims. The smaller rims boost a concentration while shooting!

Drill no 1

A player throws a ball ahead him that catches it and drives into the basket. We use standard lay-up or power lay-up!

Drill no. 2

We start as above! Players have to make 11 or more baskets! It depends on me! They jump shot from middle range! We have two teams, each team has one basket and the team which early did a task… win! 🙂

Sometimes I give them different goals:

  • 5 baskets in a row
  • they have 10 points, and they have to go down to 0! If someone score they have 9, etc. If someone miss they have +1. A max. limit is 10!
  • They have to get 5 points. 1 point they can achive when they score two bastkets in a row!