Today I put the video “Defense Drill” where you can see very simply drill. We can teach a lot of aspects of defense fundamental.

  1. A defender starts under the basket stepping.
  2. Then a coach schouts “shot!” and a offensive player who stays close to the defender forces him under the rim. The defender makes a front spin pushing him under the rim!
  3. The defender runs to the corner and makes close – out! Remember – force to baseline!
  4. The defender runs to a player with the ball and makes close – out! Hands on the ball! If the ball is over the player’s head he is very close and presses on the ball. If the ball is below the hip the defender keeps a distans between him and the player with the ball.
  5. After that he does a rotation and guards the player who stays in the paint.
  6. The last situation is Pick and Roll situation and he switches! They can go over the offensive player or under! He finishes if he will guard him in front of!

Watch a player with white t-shirt!

Of course during the practice players make a lot of mistakes! But we have to help them. This is our task! And now I give you some details of this drill!

1. Front Pivot

Sometimes the defender is pushed under the rim and he has bad position to get rebound. I teach my players to make front pivot and to force opponent under the rim. I put a short clip where you can watch that my player didn’t make it!


4. Close out!

The player have to press his opponent! Ball over the ballhandler’s head means defender is very close to him, hands on the ball. Ball is below the hip he has to keep distans! Remember about footwork!

and the other situation where the player is not so aggresive and stays so long from player with the ball. He should press his hands on the ball also!

5. Rotation

The offensive player passes the ball on the other side and the defender should runs as fast as possible to the other defender (he stays on the low post posiotion). But we can watch as the player makes defense slides and then turns around not watching the ball! It is mistake!

6. Pick and Roll situation – Switch

Remember! Players have to fight to the end! Offensive players too!

not like below…

Thank you for your time! If you have any question don’t dare! Write to me! !

Good luck!