During the games our players have to keep spacing and timing. It is very important to teach them what they should do while penetration their teammates. I would like to share some drills with you.

O2 with the a basketball passes to O1, then O2 uses flare screen. O1 passes to O2 who make a baseline penetration. O2 must read what C(oach) does. If the coach helps, he will make a bounce pass to O5. O5 in this time must keep spacing and moves to the middle of the paint. O5 makes a shot! Remember – each shot must be made! If O5 misses his shot, he must get rebound and put back!


If C(coach) doesn’t help, O2 will finish his penetration. O5 keeps spacing and timing and he is still ready to receive the basketball.


While O2’s penetration to the middle, O5 keeps spacing and runs under the basket, being ready to catch the basketball. If Coach doesn’t help, O2 makes a shot.


If Coach helps, O2 makes the bounce pass to the O5, who makes shot!


So, varius option you can watch below: