If we wanna become good basketball coaches or admirable players we must develop every single day. Each day we learn something new and after that we should use it in our life.

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foto - picture alliance - Andreas Karpe

foto – picture alliance – Andreas Karpe

Alejandro “Aíto” García Reneses (born in Madrid, Spain, on 20 December 1946), usually known as just Aíto, is a former Spanish professional basketball player, and one of the most prestigious Spanish professional basketball coaches. As a head coach, he has won nine Spanish Liga ACB titles, all with FC Barcelona. He has also won four of the seven major European-wide league titles, except for the top-tier level EuroLeague, although he was a EuroLeague runner-up on three occasions (all with FC Barcelona): in 1989–90, 1995–96, and 1996–97.