That is fate’s irony! In the EuroBasket 1995 Final, Sasha Djordjevic scored 41 points (having 9/12 for 3 – stats). Three days ago he lost the semifinal game in the Eurocup and opponent’s player had 41 points. Scottie Wilbekin. It’s about him.

I think that there are many factors which that affect the result. But when a player made 9 or 10 long range shot, that is an incredible feat. Sometimes players have 100% effectiveness and this is also remarkable! I wonder what factors affect this effectiveness? Certainly: practice, practice and once again practice. But often players do their best and they can’t make it.

Is this pressure?

Yes and no! However, the player is trained and feels good, also may not get hit? Why? I think that when he does not hit the first shot, then the second one and the third one, he lacks self-confidence. He thinks he will leave the court and every next decision may be hesitating. And the same is the other way round. When he shoots the first one, and the second and the other one, he can shot from middle line with huge confidence.

What we can do to give them bigger confidence. I think that first of all we must believe in them, and on the other hand players must believe in us, in our decision, in our system. They must believe in their team and our team. If they don’t believe in that we will not win together…


Think about that!


Below you can see Scottie’s 3 points shots and Djordjevic’s performance!